Agile Delivery

It has been almost 20 years since the agile manifesto was created with a simple goal of developing working software faster and better. Groundswell has been a part of that journey and has helped several clients adopt agile delivery


Our Agile Experience

We have taken our years of experience in project delivery and our pool of Agile Gurus and have developed fit-for-purpose practices that not only allow companies to succeed in individual agile delivery but also be able to scale this across the organization.

We also offer help in staffing or helping to establish practise in areas of:

  1. Product Owner: We have depth in helping clients how to keep focused on the desired end product through helping them understand these key roles in agile delivery

  2. Agile at Scale: Agile is an easy sell to an individual or small team but we help unlock the potential of your Agile Organization

  3. Agile Practice: Agile does not have to be the same. Each client and even team can have nuances but understanding the maturity and capability of your environment will allow you to grow properly